Paul Morphy's Crushing e-file Attack - Schulten vs. Morphy, 1857
Paul Morphy's games are incredibly instructive for beginning/intermediate players.

Paul Morphy's Crushing e-file Attack - Schulten vs. Morphy, 1857

NM SamCopeland

Paul Morphy is the chess player we all wish we could be. After effortlessly outdeveloping and outplaying his opponents, he regularly finishes with clean sacrifices and beautiful checkmates. It helps of course that Morphy was literally hundreds of Elo points superior to his peers - the gap between Morphy and the second-best player in the world in Morphy's time was probably the widest gap in chess history.

Morphy's victory over John Schulten is (after Morphy's Opera Game), my favorite game to show students. Morphy plays for development, activity, and open lines from the first move. The game is an excellent illustration of the power of an e-file attack against an uncastled king.

Notes to the game are available here. As far as I can see, Morphy played only one inaccuracy in the game and after Schulten made the natural capture on c6, helping Morphy develop his knight and target d4, there was no hope.

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