15 Puzzles from Blitz

15 Puzzles from Blitz

NM SamCopeland
Oct 5, 2013, 5:48 PM |

One of my favorite attacking players, Rashid Nezhmetdinov, is attributed the famous quote, "He who analyzes blitz is stupid." From a competitive standpoint, I thoroughly agree. However, blitz positions can be just as fun as those arising in more serious games.

The following puzzles are all from blitz or casual games I've played. Some are from games I won and some from games I lost, but I found each to be worth sharing. The difficulty is mostly light (maybe 1400 rating on average?), but the last couple are slightly more difficult.

Have fun! Tongue Out

Puzzle 1:

 Puzzle 2:

Puzzle 3: 

Puzzle 4:
Puzzle 5:

Puzzle 6:

Puzzle 7: 

Puzzle 8:  

Puzzle 9:

Puzzle 10: 

Puzzle 11: 

Puzzle 12: 

Puzzle 13: 

Puzzle 14: 

Puzzle 15: