Recent Events: Puzzles from the Holiday Season

Recent Events: Puzzles from the Holiday Season

NM SamCopeland
Jan 19, 2014, 12:01 PM |

I finally found time to sift through some of the games from the Groningen, Hastings and Rilton tournaments which occurred over the past month or so. I found a number of puzzles that I enjoyed and thought were worth sharing. As usual, the problems are in rough order of difficulty. Feel free to work from the end if you like. The last two problems are particularly lovely in my opinion.

Note: Some of the problems have important prompts. Also, some comments and variations are included once you reveal the full solution.

Puzzle 1:

 Puzzle 2:


Puzzle 3:


Puzzle 4:


Puzzle 5:


Puzzle 6: White has two winning moves here. Can you find the most aesthetic?


Puzzle 7: White has two conceptually similar best moves here. What are they and why?


Puzzle 8:


Puzzle 9:


Puzzle 10:


Puzzle 11: There are several "good enough" moves here, but White found the cleanest and most devastating move. What is it?


Puzzle 12:


Puzzle 13:


Puzzle 14:


Puzzle 15: There are several tempting moves, but one best move. What is it?


Puzzle 16: How can White begin a dangerous attack?