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SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Round 1

SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Round 1

Aug 2, 2015, 7:42 PM 1

For non-US players, the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber are tournaments to which the top K-12, K-8, and top female players, respectively, from each state are invited. Usually, they win their spot at their respective state scholastic chess championship. It's a wonderful opportunity for the best players in each state to meet and compete with their peers. In my high school days, I was honored to represent SC at the Denker twice, but my results (2.5/6 and par for my rating) both times were nothing special.

I'm extremely excited about the young players representing South Carolina at this year's Denker, National Girl's Invitational, and Barber tournaments. They are undoubtedly some of the most talented young chess players to represent our state in it's history.  This year SC is represented at the Denker by Ben Caiello (2131), at the National Girl's Invitational by Neha Dias (1426), and at the Barber by Aditya Dias (also 1426! I had to check that several times...). Each is a tremendous representative for our state.

I am analyzing the games for scchess.org, and I will be posting what games and stories as I can. For now, here is Ben Caiello's first round game. Although he outrated his opponent by 600 points, there were some interesting moments throughout and several opportunities for counterplay and even a draw for Zachary.


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