SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Rounds 2 and 3

SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Rounds 2 and 3

NM SamCopeland

The first three rounds of the Denker and National Girl's Invitational have been generally promising for South Carolina players. Rounds 2 and 3 of the Denker each featured moderate upsets from SC players. Neha Dias scored a draw in round 3 against Deanna Alter who outrated her by 300 points. Meanwhile, in round 2 at the Denker, Ben Caiello escaped with an endgame draw against NM Christopher Yang. Both Dias and Caiello are on 50% scores after Caiello lost in round 3 Frown. There have been many instructive moments in all the games, and the players are clearly bringing their best fighting chess!

I'm currently waiting on Aditya Dias' games, and I will include them as soon as I can!

Round 2 Denker - Caiello - Yang

A hard fought draw. Ben held the advantage for much of the middlegame, but the endgame favored his opponent, and it took some clever play to hold the draw down two pawns!


Round 1 National Girl's Invitational - Dias - Cervantes

Neha was heavily outrated here, and any result would have been impressive. She was close to equal through the opening, and middlegame, but fell to a fork as the pressure was beginning to increase.


Round 2 National Girl's Invitational - Porth - Dias

Neha played very well and capitized smoothly in this victory. Meanwhile, credit also goes to her opponent who played much better than 1000.


Round 3 National Girl's Invitational - Dias - Alter

Holding a draw against Alter was a fine result for Neha, but she should have done even better! However the draw was agreed at the end, Neha should have played on! She has every reason to expect to convert her fine position. This was easily her best game of the three, and a very well played game overall.


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