The Greatest Chess Game You've Never Seen?
I was blown away by this game!

The Greatest Chess Game You've Never Seen?

NM SamCopeland

Today's game is the most brilliant chess game I'd never seen until just recently. As a massive Alexei Shirov fan (His "Fire on Board" is one of my FAVORITE books.), I couldn't believe I'd missed this rapid game against Boris Gelfand which features many amazing ideas for both players and a stunning winning move. To give a taste of the ideas on display, the game features exchange sacs, intermezzos, connected passed pawns (for both sides), stalemate defense, multiple queen sacrifices, mating nets, and decoys!


  • The exchange isn't worth much if your rooks lack targets.
  • Black's dark-square bishop is kingly when supporting queenside passers.
  • Know. Your. Checkmates.

My annotations are below. Do NOT miss the lines behind the scenes.

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