Tutorials - SCID for the Chess Student

Tutorials - SCID for the Chess Student

NM SamCopeland

I'm a big fan of SCID (Shane's Chess Information Database). It's a great, free, open source program that has all the features one could ask for in a chess program. I use it to manage and analyze my games and to prepare openings.

I often recommend SCID to students and friends as a pocketbook friendly alternative to chessbase products. However, one downside is that the user interface is not the easiest for a first time user. To that end, I have created a set of three tutorials to show how to do some of the most basic and useful functions in SCID.

This tutorial set certainly isn't for everyone, but I felt it would be a helpful reference for my students. It covers the most basic functions that I suggest my students use. If you are interested in SCID, perhaps it will be useful to you as well Wink In future, I will try to create some tutorials showing how to use some of the more advanced functions. There is also plenty of SCID support available elsewhere including chess.com; check out http://www.chess.com/forum/search?keyword=SCID.

Note: I am actually using SCID vs. PC, but say SCID for the sake of simplicity. It is very similar to mainline SCID (the tutorial set works for both) and has been receiving the more consistent and active development.


Part 1: Creating a Database and Adding Your Games

Part 2: Plugging in Databases and Engines 

Part 3: Annotating Your Game and Viewing the Score Graph 

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