Update: The Best Android Apps for Chess

Update: The Best Android Apps for Chess

NM SamCopeland
Jun 28, 2014, 2:19 PM |

I recently decided updated my post on The Best Android Apps for Chess. The post has been easily my most popular post on chess.com with over 30,000 reads; it's also one of the top hits for Android apps and chess.

Since the post seems to be a useful reference, I decided to make a regular effort to update it. I added some new apps that were recently released or suggested to me and tagged them with the (NEW) tag. If anyone has further suggestions for chess apps for Android, please message them to me or include them in a comment, and I will give them a try. I will also be making an effort to include updates as new app versions are released with significant feature additions.

In this update, I included 4 apps. Regarding Forward Chess, I hope to be able to write an in depth review regarding my experiences with the app soon. For now, I have included the blurb that I wrote some weeks ago.

Chess PGN Master - I'm not sure the name describes the app well, but Chess PGN Master is a wonderful PGN viewer and editor with Stockfish included. If you are a power PGN user, this app is a must. If not, it is still a very good interface for working with Stockfish. PRICE: Free


Analyze This - Analyze This is another very nice engine app. It includes Stockfish and Critter (other engines are installable) in a very appealing and smooth interface. There is both a free version and a pro version available. The Pro version includes additional power features such as the ability to add annotations and comments. PRICE: 4.99

Chess24 - Chess24 is the newest presence in chess on the web, but it is clearly a very innovative and well thought out venture with big aspirations. You can play live games, solve tactics, watch videos, and follow live tournament coverage. The android app is excellent, and it allows much of the functionality that is available online. Plus, as the app is new, I expect further updates and expanded functionality soon. PRICE: Free

Forward Chess - Forward Chess is a very impressive chess ebook app. The app comes with several ebook samples and provides access to a store from which one can download many more books. The developers seem to be expanding the store rapidly. As you are reading through the book, you will come across chess moves and you need only tap the move to pull up a half screen chess board. to play through the game as you read. Engine analysis is included as well! It is absolutely the most perfect way to read a chess book on the go. My only concern is that the books are protected so I can only use them in the app. If the app should someday stop being supported, I would lose access to the purchased books. PRICE: Free