Chess inspired poetry

Chess inspired poetry

Feb 25, 2010, 4:47 PM |

One night a few months ago I determined to write a poem inspired by chess.  If anyone likes it or thinks it's just ridiculous let me know.  So, here it is...


                              The Knight's Story

“Brave sir upon your mount, How did you come to be?”

“A squire was I of tender age intending the world to see.”

“You see young lad, it was I he had to bear his sturdy armor.

 For seven years blood, sweat, and tears, his approval for my labor.”

Was once upon a summer’s day the enemy we did battle.

The sun did glisten upon his sword as he rode high in the saddle.

The sky was blue the trees were green the birds sang a lullaby.

Not knowing of the twist of fate that would claim his life that day.

The valiant knight did meet his foe as he rode in on his steed.

The clash of metal crude and deadly,  “God be with us” was our creed.

Arrows flew, the pike men rushed, their lances ever fixed

To find their mark and send some soul on down the river Styx.

Then a neighing cry I heard and from the corner of my eye

Mighty Onyx took  a shaft and the enemy drew nigh.

First he stumbled then he fell, that great black stallion battered

Across my noble master lay a snare he could not master.

“Quick, Quick, to my sword, fine squire and quickly end my life.

I know that I shall not escape so please care for my wife.

Suddenly before I drew o’er head my master’s blade

He let forth with a gasp and from him life did fade.

Trying not to show my fear yet shaken to my core

I turned to face the onslaught of the antagonist once more.  

With each thrust and parry I fought and saved the day.  

Across the littered battlefield unto the castle way.

“So you see, young man there often is, more than meets the eye

Consider long the way you’ll go and where your future lies.

Life itself is a precious gift its giving do not squander

To your self and God above you alone must answer.”