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Who are we?

Who are we?

Mar 22, 2010, 11:04 PM 5

It's a question that I've been asking myself lately in view of the recent political events. Why are so many Americans willing to give up their liberty for supposed security?  The founding fathers would be ashamed of us, ashamed of how far we've fallen.  Since when is health care a right?  How can that 'right' be guaranteed?  How can the federal government force its citizens to purchase something they may or may not want?  Why is the constitution considered a obstacle to be bypassed rather than a standard to be upheld?  What ever happened to self-reliance?  Many Americans are becoming addicted to the crumbs falling from the dinner table rather than resolving to make their own way.  We weren't meant to stand in a line waiting for a handout.  We were meant to go out and produce on our own and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  This government has reduced us to a state of forced servitude, they've got their hooks in every area of our lives, it's deplorable.  To hell with hope and change.  I'll take freedom and liberty.

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