How to get a FIDE rating

Now,everyone who says 1000 rating can be achieved in 1 year of study....... please do not read further.This blog is not useful for you.

In India getting a FIDE rating is incredibly difficult and people with ratings around 1600 do very well in State cicuit atleast till U-17.

People when they meet you don't ask "what is your name",instead they ask,"are you rated".

So getting a rating quick is important and getting a good rating which shows your potential is of paramount importance.

First let us look at the requirements to become a rated player.

1.Play 3 rated players and score atleast 1 point in 1 tournament. This starts the procedures.

2.Play 9 rated players and have a performance of above 1000(the current lower limit)

Now how to go about it?

First Believe in yourself that you are very good and are capable enough to beat rated players and get a FIDE rating.I have seen unrated players accepting draws when they are a whole rook up because of their fear.Only when the fear is removed can good results be achieved.

During the Game

1.Do not run away from certain positions-Many people avoid open positions because they feel they are bad at tactics.But in fact this is not a good message to send to the oppoenent.He will take advantage of it and also feels confident about the game.

2.Safety-Safety is vital and keeping everything over-protected is not a bad idea.Most of the games are won by tatcics and so it is wise not to commit tactical errors.

3.Acticity-The main idea of chess is acticity.You have a piece on the board so that it can do something.If you volantarily get into a passive position,it signals to your opponent that you are ready to lose the game.Also the scope of blunders increases when you are in a bad position.

4.Know the Endgame-I've heard many comments like-unrated players make lot of mistakes in the endgame. This is sadly true.Rated players rightly grind out endgames because they are waiting for errors from their opponents.I am not referring to philidor and lucena.They are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. I am talking about the practical endgames which occur.

5.Realize that chess at our level is about making less errors than your opponent- That is why I have seen that many players(inclusing myself) just wait for serious errors from our opponents without trying very aggressive plans and playing very solid , safe chess.

6.Think before accepting draw offers-Rated players don't just offer draws,there must be a reason,check the position for tactics,be sure that ur not winning or even better before accepting draws.My rating would have been 300 points higher if I had not accepted draws indiscriminately.

7.Time Management-In Standard Chess,it is better to err on the side of slowness,playing fast is a recipe for disaster.

I think I have exhausted the main points.

Finally don't forget to register with your national federation :)

All The Best

Shyam Gopal Karthik


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  • 6 months ago


    helpfull thanx

  • 9 months ago


    Thank you for the sound tips. I am thinking of joining an FIDE tournament in the near future.

  • 15 months ago


    No offense, but it is actually very easy to get a rating in India as one of the people I know scored 6 points in 9 rounds and he got a rating of 1800 the next month even though he didnt play any other rated tournaments 

  • 16 months ago


    nice article...i also wants to be rated...

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    where we can play with rated players for getting fide rating?

  • 21 months ago


    hey can anybody let me know wht is the minimum age required to get a fide rating thnx!

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    Go to

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    thanks for your information

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    I drew 2 with rated player, is it looked as one point?

  • 3 years ago


    People, can you tell me how I know if there is a rated tournament in Bangalore soon and how I can participate in it?

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    I wont get rating then....

    How many months I can wait without playing tournament so that my calculation remains

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    @Kalyanben....The same thing happened with need to wait till you meet the 9th rated player....walkovers will not count.

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    I made 4.5 points out of 9 in rated tournament.I met only 8 players and 1 walk over point so I did not meet all 9 rated players ..I got calculation of 1386..will I get rating ?

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    good article buddy :)

  • 3 years ago


    Playing to your potential is important, rating is secondary (it will come automatically if you do the first one)...

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    ya, i know. i have an oppurtunity to bring my initial rating to around 1400 - 1500

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    Oh,But u still have a nice oppurtunity to increase ur rating in the Mayors cup.And yes,that's Shyam.

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    who all are playing Mayor's Cup BTW

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