Can Hikaru Out-blitz Vladimir Kramnik?

Can Hikaru Out-blitz Vladimir Kramnik?

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Lately, there has been a lot of news (drama!?) about Hikaru's interesting performances and the posts from Vladimir Kramnik. Hikaru has been a strong classical player and incredibly strong blitz player for decades. He was arguably the top online blitz player for the last 20 years, with only Magnus Carlsen challenging him recently. 

Vladimir Kramnik is a chess legend, former World Champion, and one of the best opening theoreticians ever. He changed the landscape of chess before computers realized what was happening. His Berlin Wall against Kasparov and his ideas in the Catalan, in combination with 1.Nf3, will always be highly respected.

In today's blog post, we will look at one of the most recent blitz games between these two. I cover it in video format and also have the PGN for you here. Enjoy!

Video Recap:


Would you guys like to see a Hikaru 1.f3 game against Vladimir next? Let me know in the comments!

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