Ding down to SECONDS with an advantage!

Ding down to SECONDS with an advantage!

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This was the seventh round of the FIDE World Chess Championship 2023, played between Ian Nepomniachtchi (playing White) and Ding Liren (playing Black). The game started with the French Defense by Ding, and Nepomniachtchi responded with the Tarrasch variation. After a trade of pawns in the center, the position became quieter with an extra e-pawn for Ding and an extra c-pawn for Nepomniachtchi. The position was slightly in favor of Nepomniachtchi. However, the game got interesting when Ding played a new move (8...Nc6) that had never been played before. The position was balanced with winning chances for both sides. After a series of moves, the game reached a critical position, with both sides having chances to win.

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