How maxmlynek Gained 1000 Points in 3 Years

How maxmlynek Gained 1000 Points in 3 Years

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The newest ChessGoals post is learner series #10, highlighting maxmylnek's 1000+ point rating gain in just over three years. Max agreed to answer some questions about how he studied in the latest ChessGoals blog post:

Here are some of the key takeaways from Max's study plan:

  • Average one game per week of OTB chess in addition to lots online games
  • analysis tool to review games
  • A combination of tactics books and online tactics training
  • Find opening systems that suit your style and stick with them
  • Silman's lessons on endgames
  • Lots of resources on both YouTube and Twitch

Max is currently on week five of the ChessGoals 12-week Premium Advanced Study plan and has provided some excellent feedback on the plan. He posts his progress in the ChessGoals club forums where we are building a community of chess learners. Please join the club and check out how our members are progressing on their study plans.

Max stats

At the bottom of the ChessGoals blog post, there is a coupon code for 50% off any premium study plans for a limited time.

How's your chess study plan going? Please post your study plans in the comments, and any comments you may have on building a study plan.