The Ultimate Guide to Meeting 1.d4

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting 1.d4

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About 50% of your opponents play 1.e4. For a response, I recommend the Caro-Kann. What do you play against 1.d4 or some rarer moves (1.c4, 1.Nf3, etc.)? Here's an introduction to a complete repertoire against anything that isn't 1.e4!

You can start with the triangle formation. Pawns on e6, d5 and c6.

From there, we show ten main variations you will face.

Noteboom, Marshall Gambit, QGD Exchange, Stonewall Dutch, Slav Exchange, London System
Jobava London, Reti, English, and Nimzo-Larsen.

You can check out the full video on the ChessGoals YouTube channel:

What do you play against 1.d4? If you thought the Slav was boring, check out this free course.

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