Want to beat 1.d4?

Want to beat 1.d4?

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Do you have trouble against 1.d4? Against 1.Nf3? And some of the other offbeat systems?

Against 1.e4, most players have their favorite defense ready to go. The Sicilian, King Pawn, Caro-Kann, French, Scandinavian, etc.

But what about against 1.d4? I'm excited to let you know we have a solution! A full Benko Gambit repertoire against 1.d4 and other moves (besides 1.e4). I used the Benko Gambit as my primary weapon to help me go from 2100 USCF to over 2200 USCF and attain the National Master title. 

Recently at the Chicago Open, I was struggling to get wins and not as confident in the Slav as I'd like to be as a main weapon. National Master Justin Storn and I were brainstorming what sort of course we could make. We decided the Benko Gambit was a great option to play for a win! 

Here's the full video of chapter 1!

You can try the course for free at, and there is a pre-sale right now until the last video has been recorded.

Let me know what you think of the Benko, and go get those wins with the black pieces! 

Free 12-week study plans are now available on!


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