Wesley So Sacrifices How Many Rooks?

Wesley So Sacrifices How Many Rooks?

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Round 7 of the FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022 has finished! Coach JD & I highlight America's Wesley So versus Armenia's Melkumyan, Hrant. The game starts with a Caro-Kann Two Knights variation. An excellent offbeat system that is gaining popularity for White. Wesley shows strong positional knowledge, then shifts gears and calculates some beautiful tactics.

We have ChessGoals courses that are currently 25% off during the olympiad with coupon code olympiad. We have a Caro-Kann course for Black and a 1.e4 course for White. Check out the YouTube video recap here:

If you prefer to view the game without a video, here's the analysis in PGN format:

Which team do you want to see win it all?

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