May 12, 2008, 9:04 AM |

If you have ever started a game and an oppenent who is much higher rated than you is selected...DO NOT abort it as you CAN win!

Since joining this site after 10 years out of the game (i am now 19 and part of the younger generation of chess players who go out, listen to music too loud and enjoy spending time with my mates rather than to study for my forthcoming exams) i only played to kill time and try and remember what i once step dad who has an average rating of 2000 is a keen player, albeit he has not read one chess book! i offered him a quick 10 min game (using an actual board as that is how i play best) as my girl friend was on the comp and he accepted. what followed as 50mins of pure joy and i now look at chess in a different light!

i found what i had lost and i managed to BEAT him...not only did i win but i DESTROYED him, i obviously have alot more to remember as he said i could have mated after about 20 mins, but as this is was the first time i was beaten him i wanted to make sure i didnt lose it, so made sure i made no mistakes or risks and went to the end game (please note that under NO circumstances would he go easy on me or let me win...he had always taken great joy in thrashing me)

 I just want everyone to have a little bit of belief about their game. This was the first game i had actually looked about 5 moves ahead, took my time, had a plan and exploited the one little mistake he made...and made him pay for it!  

we both admitted after that it was a great game and wish we had recorded our moves to analyise after.

I have now decided to take chess a little more serious by studying it and my past games. i have already turned 3 games i was loosing into a potential 3 wins and my rating has risen- although it is still very low!