Chess ethics (offline chess)

Chess ethics (offline chess)

Sep 4, 2017, 10:24 AM |

Long time wanted to touch this topic, so better to write later than never.

In this topic I'll touch only offline chess standrard control ethics, I think will write about online in the next one.


What is chess ethics in general? I would call it behavioural rules, which chess players should follow.


Why chess ethics is important? Well, there is a nice video example what happens if it is not taught or not followed.


As a chess coach and chess player I met many examples of questionable behavior so I believe sharing some thoughts with the community might help to increase awareness of chess players and chess coaches.


What are the common etchis mistakes chess players do?



  • Not shaking the hands during the start of the game. Some beginner players simply not familiar with it. Shaking hands is a way of showing a good sportsmanship.

    Not shaking hands when finish the game, especially when lose the game. Obviously nobody likes to lose, but shaking hands shows respect to the opponent's play, game. At the end of the day chess is just a game.

  • Chatting during the chess game. Quite common among the kids. I think there are friendly games with friends where it is ok to chat, but serious games should be played accordingly.

  • Eating crispy food during the game. I agree that it is ok to have some food during the chess game, but it has to be done away from the chess board.

  • Overcelebrating victories. This is common among the young players. Yes, it is nice to win, but respect to the opponent should come in the first place. Just think how you would feel if someone did the same to you? Consideration of game quality should be in first place rather then win or loss.

  • Oferring too many draws. I think there should be a ruling on that. Best improvment comes playing games till the end, even seemingly equal endgame positions. There are still a lot of things to learn and in many of such equal postions better player can prevail.

  • Not analysing game after it's finished. I think in any case, good chess player will have to look through his own game, so why not do it together with your opponent? In my opinion one wo wins the game, should offer to analyse a game. Worst thing chess player can do, is win the game and just happily walk away.


This is my opinion on this question, it is based on my experience and thoughts. If you have additional thoughts or different opinion about it, please share!