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A Good Game of Chess

A Good Game of Chess

Feb 18, 2016, 6:18 PM 0

Hi There!

I played this game on chess.com against tikokino1 that I would like to share here and this was the result.


  • In this game my opponent started out the one of the most popular King's knight opening  and I was very fond of it because I play this almost every time when I play as white. Anyway, I played as black this time. I did what I normally do. I attempted to do the fried liver another opening that can be done with both white and black. My opponent blocked my attack by moving his rook from h1 to g1. Then I thought, what is the big deal I will just take a free pawn and expect him not to move his queen. But, he moved his queen either way and many moves went by and I got into a very bad position, where my opponent had a pass pawn and was one move away from promoting his piece. But luckily my rook swooped in blocked his passage way . but the problem was that my rook was totally useless because i couldn't move it. At this point I was at an advantage just because he had only 4 pawns, 1 queen, and a king whereas I had only lost knight and thee pawns!!! In the end my opponent resigned because he had insufficient material. 
  • That game took a total of 10-15 mins to play in 30 moves
  • In the end I learned that i really have to watch out for my blunders and not make as many mistakes I did in that game

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