Feb 14, 2011, 3:34 AM |

This blog post is just somewhere for me to archive my favorite bullet games I've played. I only thought of constructing this list a few days ago so I've only got games I've played in the last month.

If you enjoyed this item, tune in for the next installment "BlitzKrieg", where I will highlight my favorite blitz games I've played! I'm considering writing a little article on how to play Bullet Chess in a future blog post if I find the time and if there is any demand.

Not the cleanest game, and I missed the key sacrifice earlier,but the finishing combo was beautiful and the first time I played the mating attack with the knight, rook, and queen combo.

Not the most spectacular game but it shows an easy win against a strong player, where the game was doomed after a premature pawn storm which I gladly took the c hance to gain the extra material and with no counterplay, Black blundered from an already lost position to completely hopeless and resigned.

I'm really not good at any openings (I don't know any theory) and the Sicilian Grand-Prix Attack is a pain for me. Both sides develop sensibly until White goes for the threat with pawn breaks by blacks king, establishing a massive center. For the moment, Black's king looks kind of bare but how to capitalize? If White can't find an attack, the fluid massive center will decide the game. All this did not get a chance to happen as the weakened diagonal allowed for a smothered mate tactic which my opponent saw and resigned.


White develops quickly while Black plays with the wueen and thats not the end of the tempis won. In the middle game, the Black queen is once again a source of lost tempi as its attacked by White's king and Black's defenses shatter. White misses a swift forced mate but a win followed shortly after.


Doubled pawns are usually weak, but I make full use of mine and quickly show the weaknesses surrounding the White king. I missed a mate in 15 though.

Not a very promising opening for White but Black didn't make a good followup and the rest of the game was just a disaster.

An ugly bind on the position made it difficult for Black to play and a backrank tactic brought about a resignation.

I like material. I grab when I think my opponent doesn't have enough compensation or I want to see if they know how to gain the compensation. I snatched a pawn, held for a bit, and decoyed White's heavy pieces to stopping my two protected passed pawns to win the game outright.

A center must be protected. If it goes, so does the game.

White gambited too many pawns. Watch for the shocker pawn mass!

Black suffers for his greed and continual waste of time leads to a quick resignation when Black finds his back-rank paralyzed.

Pieces get trapped so always calculate before executing a move. Black falls for a variation of pieces aligned to hit all of the retreat squares and the rest is easy pickings.

Black gambits for an attack on the weak kingside pawn structure and the attack was definitely there but the execution lacking but the defense was difficult enough for White to blow it and a mating combination insues.

Its important to get castled quickly as this game is a good example of how swift punishment can come.