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Contender Series 11

Contender Series 11

Sep 12, 2015, 11:36 PM 2

Chess.com Online

September 11, 2015

Match-Up Analysis

VS http://images.chesscomfiles.com/uploads/user/9886954.1812eaa4.200x200o.55fe41b9c8ab.png
X_PLAYER_J_X                                                    Robert0905

Players Chess Knowledge

High                                         Opening                                         High

Moderate                              Middle Game                                    High

Low                                         End Game                               Moderate

Moderate                     Open Position Knowledge                 Moderate

High                            Closed Position Knowledge                       High

Players Chess Styles

Low                                          Attacking                                 Moderate

High                                   Counter Attacking                                 High

High                                         Positional                                         High

High                                        Aggressive                                        High

Low                                             Solid                                     Moderate

High                                          Intuitive                                  Moderate

Low                                         Calculating                               Moderate

Low                                          Emotional                                        Low

High                                             Calm                                            High


Individual Performance during September 11, 2015 on X_PLAYER_J_X

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1800-1900

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1800-2000

Over The Board Ranking Range: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: Ruy Lopez; King's Indian Attack

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: Sicilian Najdorf

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Gruenfeld

Individual Performance during September 11, 2015 on Robert0905

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1950-2000

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1700-1800

Over The Board Ranking in Blitz: 2245

Over The Board Ranking in Standard: 1959

Two Favorite Openings as White: Pirc Austrian Attack; Queens Gambit

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: French Defense

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Slav Defense

Game 1:


Game 2:


Game 3:

Game 4:

After the above game my opponent had to go. We both agreed to stop there.

We did talk for a few mins after the game which was pretty fun. I saved some of the chat highlights lol. We was joking around etc.

Robert0905: gg

Robert0905: HOME TEAM WINS!

Robert0905: I mean loses...lol

Robert0905: ggs

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah good games man

Robert0905: I liked that game where you won!

Robert0905: That was nice

Robert0905: I played badly

Robert0905: a6 was bad

Robert0905: should have castled

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah I was wondering why you prolong castling

Robert0905: I was just playing around lol, didn't think you had anything

Robert0905: but later Nb4 was bad

Robert0905: I should have played Bxe5

Robert0905: because after Bf4 things get crazy

Robert0905: and you are much better in that position

Robert0905: ok, I have to go!

Robert0905: ggs

X_PLAYER_J_X: have good one

Robert0905: we should play some time

Robert0905: thanks

Robert0905: !

X_PLAYER_J_X: for sure

Robert0905 has left the chat.

It was nice matches with some post mortem about game 3.

Total Score: 1 Wins -1 Draw - 2 Loss


Robert0905 WINS

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