Contender Series 13

Contender Series 13

Sep 22, 2015, 2:57 AM |
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October 23, 2015

Match-Up Analysis

VS HowDoIChangeMyName

X_PLAYER_J_X                          HowDoIChangeMyName

Players Chess Knowledge

High                                         Opening                                         Low

Moderate                              Middle Game                                   High

Low                                         End Game                                      Low

Moderate                     Open Position Knowledge                  Moderate

High                            Closed Position Knowledge                       Low

Players Chess Styles

Low                                          Attacking                                 Moderate

High                                   Counter Attacking                                 High

High                                         Positional                                         Low

High                                        Aggressive                                        High

Low                                             Solid                                     Moderate

High                                          Intuitive                                          Low

Low                                         Calculating                               Moderate

Low                                          Emotional                                       Low

High                                             Calm                                            High


Individual Performance during October 23, 2015 on X_PLAYER_J_X

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1800-1900

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1800-2000

Over The Board Ranking Range: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: Catalan; Kings Indian Attack

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: Sicilian Najdorf

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Gruenfeld

Individual Performance during October 23, 2015 on HowDoIChangeMyName

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1400-1500

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1800-1850

Over The Board Ranking Range: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: ?; ?

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: ?

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: ?

EDIT: Additional Information has been disclosed on the day of October 25, 2015.

 My opponent disclosed the following events leading up to our match on the day of October 23, 2015.

  • He was wearing Socks and a Sponge Bob T-Shirt.
  • He had Pizza for dinner.
  • The below games were all unrated games
  • We talked during and after each game. I saved the conversation so you can read it.

All which lead up to the Main event Contender Series.

Game 1:

*The below text happen during the game after move 6.e4. We played and talked some during this game.*

HowDoIChangeMyName: I just played into this variation on my last game. Im starting to think Nb6 is not a good variation

X_PLAYER_J_X: i think it is

HowDoIChangeMyName: ok, thanks. Just asking to double check

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol well i can't remember

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol actually i do play gruenfeld

X_PLAYER_J_X: but haven't faced a fianchetto in a long while

HowDoIChangeMyName: I just changed all my openings. Im trying to play the catalan and the grunfeld.

X_PLAYER_J_X: i was hoping you was going to play the KID

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol so i could crush you slowly lol

X_PLAYER_J_X: but you went with gruenfeld

X_PLAYER_J_X: lil harder lol

HowDoIChangeMyName: I can play the KID next time if you want.

X_PLAYER_J_X: i use to play the KID until i started facing catalans

X_PLAYER_J_X: after that started to switch to something esle

X_PLAYER_J_X: well its not a true catalan but kings fianchetto lines are annoying to play against vs KID

HowDoIChangeMyName: How do you like the Benoni?

X_PLAYER_J_X: Well i have played variations of Benoni's

X_PLAYER_J_X: but I don't play like the Modern Benoni or Benko any of that stuff

X_PLAYER_J_X: I play the Clarendon court from time to time

X_PLAYER_J_X: which some people call it the Old Benoni

HowDoIChangeMyName: I mean as white. Cant black get into a Benoni/Benko

X_PLAYER_J_X: its not that sound but its interesting

X_PLAYER_J_X: Oh I never seem to have problem against those lines alot

X_PLAYER_J_X: however, I don't play 1.d4 a whole lot maybe 300 games out of 2000

X_PLAYER_J_X: I have had some nice wins against Benoni's

X_PLAYER_J_X: pure space advantage nice pawns

X_PLAYER_J_X: I have lost to some high high level players but i don't think i was doing to bad in those games

HowDoIChangeMyName: What do you play as black against e4?

X_PLAYER_J_X: oh I have played several lines

HowDoIChangeMyName: I've been trying out the caro, but just to play the pirc

X_PLAYER_J_X: I have played Sicilian Najdorf and Caro Kann i guess the most

X_PLAYER_J_X: but I am not afraid of playing lines like Pirc, Modern, French

X_PLAYER_J_X: i like fianchetto lines so most lines with one are fine for me

X_PLAYER_J_X: only lines which don't have are like Caro-kann some variations and French

X_PLAYER_J_X: i suppose you could say i had a draw back

*The below text happen after the game.*

HowDoIChangeMyName: oh no, i messed that up

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

HowDoIChangeMyName: after Rxf7 i should have taken Rxg2


HowDoIChangeMyName: yeah gg

Game 2:

*The below text happen during the game after move 6...dxc4. We played and talked some during this game.*

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah this will be interesting

X_PLAYER_J_X: haven't played this in a while

HowDoIChangeMyName: there is a wierd line where black can playe e6 b6 and Ba6.

X_PLAYER_J_X: well i don't remember know

X_PLAYER_J_X: i think white not suppose to let black capture on c4

HowDoIChangeMyName: Im pretty sure white can gambit that pawn and get an e4 push in for compensation

X_PLAYER_J_X: for some reason i just don't believe lol what your doing ha ha

X_PLAYER_J_X: not sure why but it just seems that way to me

HowDoIChangeMyName: its theory to let black capture on c4, i may not be playing it right but i do know that it is playable

HowDoIChangeMyName: i'll look it up later and send you a message if im right or wrong about letting black take on c4

X_PLAYER_J_X: well it does seem like your doing ok so far

HowDoIChangeMyName: I didnt play it right. My chess coach told me it was playable though, that white has to play correctly or he is down a pawn

*The below text happen during the game after move 34...Qe4+.*

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol going for the win or going for the draw

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol scary decision of them all


HowDoIChangeMyName: well you have the draw

HowDoIChangeMyName: go for the win though

*The below text happen after the game.*


X_PLAYER_J_X: intense game

HowDoIChangeMyName: I couldnt find the right defense in time

X_PLAYER_J_X: I should of went for the draw

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol put so much extra pressure on myself no reason lol

HowDoIChangeMyName: its not an OTB tournament, why not atleast try

X_PLAYER_J_X: I couldn't find any mate

X_PLAYER_J_X: I think you might of been able to draw

X_PLAYER_J_X: this ending maybe

HowDoIChangeMyName: I bet the computer can find a win

X_PLAYER_J_X: maybe

HowDoIChangeMyName: i was 2 pawns up at the end

X_PLAYER_J_X: well 4 pawns vs 2 pawn + 1 bishop

X_PLAYER_J_X: it will be tricky

X_PLAYER_J_X: for some reason i thought taking on c4 seems good

HowDoIChangeMyName: once the queens were trade i think that is losing

X_PLAYER_J_X: its like you have no defence on it

X_PLAYER_J_X: for me or for you ?

HowDoIChangeMyName: for white

HowDoIChangeMyName: wait wait hold on

X_PLAYER_J_X: well I was wondering about the move 53.Ke3

X_PLAYER_J_X: instead of 53.fxg5

HowDoIChangeMyName: yeah thats losing for white at the end

HowDoIChangeMyName: what about 46. Qf7 for white

X_PLAYER_J_X: well I didn't check with engine but it does seem very scary for black consider how timer was

X_PLAYER_J_X: if 46.Qf7

X_PLAYER_J_X: i was thinking about

X_PLAYER_J_X: i think the move I was thinking about at time was Qe3+


X_PLAYER_J_X: i did over look the f4 move by you

X_PLAYER_J_X: so i wonder

X_PLAYER_J_X: Qf7 Qe3+ Kh4 Qh6 is mating

X_PLAYER_J_X: but maybe Qf7 Qe3+ f4

X_PLAYER_J_X: than Qf3 maybe

X_PLAYER_J_X: trying to threaten mate on g4

HowDoIChangeMyName: white takes on g5

HowDoIChangeMyName: with the queen

X_PLAYER_J_X: ooooo g6

X_PLAYER_J_X: is hangin hmmmm

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah at move 36 I took long time to think

X_PLAYER_J_X: I should of went for draw i think

HowDoIChangeMyName: im glad you went for it

HowDoIChangeMyName: even though i lost

X_PLAYER_J_X: I really dont think my h5 move

X_PLAYER_J_X: was very dangerious

X_PLAYER_J_X: I thought you was going to punish me I don't know what engine thinks

X_PLAYER_J_X: but surely it was a scary try maybe not working in long time control but we was in like a blitz mode for sure

X_PLAYER_J_X: at move 38 I was looking at Qe3

HowDoIChangeMyName: right. I've been losing alot to time trouble lately

X_PLAYER_J_X: I just didn't see how to continue

X_PLAYER_J_X: well don't feel bad I am same way

X_PLAYER_J_X: my bullet ranking is horrible

X_PLAYER_J_X: I end up in winning positions with no time left

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah I do need to work on my time management

X_PLAYER_J_X: but I also think bullet and those time controls are more with interenet speed and premove nonsense

HowDoIChangeMyName: me too, but my blitz rating is terrible. I think too long

X_PLAYER_J_X: I use to get upset about that

HowDoIChangeMyName: Even when im playing OTB game 90 with SD 30 im still getting myself into time trouble

X_PLAYER_J_X: but than I realized its not my fault its not even your fault if your playing short time controls

X_PLAYER_J_X: its obvious your mind wants to process full position

X_PLAYER_J_X: i think other people just don't care and play random stuff

HowDoIChangeMyName: right, it doesnt help that i keep changing to new openings. So im trying to remember, think about what lines i know or like

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