Contender Series 13-2

Contender Series 13-2

Oct 28, 2015, 3:17 AM |

Game 3:

*The below text happen right as I was making my first move in this game.*

HowDoIChangeMyName: Benoni or KID?

HowDoIChangeMyName: nvm

X_PLAYER_J_X: well I opened with lol 1.e4

HowDoIChangeMyName: lol


HowDoIChangeMyName: its not too late

X_PLAYER_J_X: I moved to soon it seems

HowDoIChangeMyName: I'll transpose into a KID if you want

X_PLAYER_J_X: well I don't play the Classical line

X_PLAYER_J_X: against the KID

HowDoIChangeMyName: oh nevermind you just do you

X_PLAYER_J_X: i am thinking

X_PLAYER_J_X: weather to play mainline lol or hit you with a KIA variation ha ha

X_PLAYER_J_X: well lets try this

HowDoIChangeMyName: I have yet to look into the Nd7 or Nf6 variations here

X_PLAYER_J_X: well I am not a fan of Nf6

X_PLAYER_J_X: i do like Bf5 and i have been trying to get Nd7 in like a Karpov style

X_PLAYER_J_X: but i do like Sicilian as well so its depends on my opponent

HowDoIChangeMyName: I know there are some line in the Nd7 though where white can sac his knight on e6 and get a strong attack going.

X_PLAYER_J_X: I don't like facing low level opponents in lines like caro kann lol simply because I like to punish them fast when they screw up

X_PLAYER_J_X: but against strong players or middle level ones i often play either

X_PLAYER_J_X: the Sicilian Najdorf punishes players who mess theory up sometimes alot harder and faster than Caro Kann games

HowDoIChangeMyName: I lost in this variation against a 1500 two weeks ago...

X_PLAYER_J_X: most Caro Kann mess ups are positional ones which take a while to exploit

*The below text happen during the game after move 12...Bb4. All the moves leading up to this position are book or can tranpose into book.

After black played 12...Bb4 I stopped moving for a while maybe even long while lol.

I knew his move was not the normal book move;however, I had never faced it before so I did not know how to respond or punish it.

However, I did try to think of ways of punishing it ha ha.*

X_PLAYER_J_X: strange deviation

HowDoIChangeMyName: this is the deviation I was looking into a week ago

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah Qc7 is standard

HowDoIChangeMyName: yup

X_PLAYER_J_X: so now how to punish this move ha ha

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: has to be a move here

HowDoIChangeMyName: i think this is fine

X_PLAYER_J_X: well that bishop is your best bishop

X_PLAYER_J_X: and your offering a trade

X_PLAYER_J_X: im thinking of trading infact

HowDoIChangeMyName: taking the bishop loses a pawn

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: hmmmm

X_PLAYER_J_X: castling would lose pawn as well

*During the game after move 12...Bb4.

I started comparing the difference between 12...Qc7 and 12...Bb4.

  • I first looked at the queen on c7 compared to the queen on a5.
  • I than compared the bishop on b4 compared to it on normally being on f8.

The above text in black is the what I tryed to exploit from this position. I tryed exploiting the placement of the queen or bishop.

I concluded that maybe the best way to proceed was to trade the dark bishops off.

Which would than allow me to gain control of my opponents dark squares.

Furthermore, the outpost e5 is a dark square which I would than be able to try and sink a knight on e5.

Since the dark bishops would be off the board I would have some more control of e5.

The above was my logical thinking at the time.

However, there is a problem.

The Problem:

If I play 13.Bxb4 my opponent would respond with 13...Qxb4+ which forks my king and my b2 pawn. Which would cause me 2 be 1 pawn down.

My opponent in the game said exactly that.

However, I did not give up hope lady's and gentlemen.

No No No No I didn't!

I thought of ways of making the bishop exchange happen.

How do I make it happen while at the same time not be down a pawn?

I asked myself that exact question.

I than found the answer!

Thus, The answer I found was a knight move.*

X_PLAYER_J_X: hmmm

X_PLAYER_J_X: maybe the move is a knight move

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: that has to be it


X_PLAYER_J_X: this is the way to go

*In the game I did say the above blue text.

However, I did not tell my opponent my reasoning of my I was doing my knight move.

I kept that a secret since we both was playing.

Since the game is over I will tell you the audience the idea I had with my knight move.

How exactly was my knight move suppose to exchange the bishop's off and stop me from losing the b2 pawn?

Well the simple fact is my knight move didn't save the b2 pawn.

It in fact had a counter attacking idea in it.

Bascially I wouldn't be down a pawn.

I would only exchange pawn's.

I will show you in a diagram.

As you can see I trade the bishop's and I am not down a pawn.

I only exchange the B pawn's.

Even though I made my knight move with this original idea.

In the game I did not follow through with it.

I ended up doing a knight check which I thought seemed reasonable.

The reason I did the knight check was not to exploit the bishop placement.

However, to exploit the fact the queen is on a5 and not on c7

The bishop on b4 is pinned to the queen on a5.

Which means if my opponent tryed taking my knight with his bishop.

He would lose his queen.

Thus, my opponent couldn't take my knight with his bishop or he would lose his queen which means his king is forced to move.

As you can see I didn't follow through with my plan.

However, I still tryed exploiting 1 of 2 things.

His queen placement or his bishop placement.

As it turned out I did end up losing this game.

Yet, I didn't go down easy lol.

I pin point my opponents deviation and tryed to go for the kill!

Obviously my opponent did a very good job.

He researched this continuation.

He had home preparation in this line.

He had more experince in this line.

This game is a perfect example of why knowing theory, studying your lines, and doing home preparation can pay off hugely.

This game was a very well deserved win by my opponent for sure!*


HowDoIChangeMyName: gg

X_PLAYER_J_X: well i have to go it was some nice games man

HowDoIChangeMyName: that Bb4+ was a line i was looking into

X_PLAYER_J_X: since you are here

X_PLAYER_J_X: do you mind if I put our games in my contender series?

HowDoIChangeMyName: sure what the contender series?

X_PLAYER_J_X: It is something I have on my profile

HowDoIChangeMyName: the first game wasn't very good with my blunder

X_PLAYER_J_X: well if you want

X_PLAYER_J_X: I will not count the first game only second 2 games

HowDoIChangeMyName: yeah, and i'll have to play you again another time. Im going to relook at the Bb4+ line

X_PLAYER_J_X: well good thing is

HowDoIChangeMyName: not tonight though. Im taking lessons from a master. Im going to ask him about that line

X_PLAYER_J_X: its for fun lol and i do contenders series as many times etc. lol you can even check out some other people who have done it and see how I do them

HowDoIChangeMyName: nice man, I will take the quiz and the stuff later. After i eat some pizza

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah you can message me etc.

X_PLAYER_J_X: most people love it

X_PLAYER_J_X: and I have played people from as low as 900 to 2100

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol who all love it

X_PLAYER_J_X: so yeah its fun

X_PLAYER_J_X: and if you win you get a trophy ha ha

HowDoIChangeMyName: i'll also put the games through the computer and post pictures of the graph gives

We both agreed to stop.

As promised I will not count the first game.

We can treat the first game as an Educational warm up game!

Total Score: 1 Wins - 0 Draws - 1 Loss


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