Contender Series 14

Contender Series 14

Dec 3, 2015, 2:56 AM |
2 Online

November 15, 2015

Match-Up Analysis

VS Fiveofswords
X_PLAYER_J_X                                                    Fiveofswords

Players Chess Knowledge

High                                         Opening                                         High

Moderate                              Middle Game                                    High

Low                                         End Game                               Moderate

Moderate                     Open Position Knowledge                 Moderate

High                            Closed Position Knowledge                       High

Players Chess Styles

High                                          Attacking                                 Moderate

Low                                   Counter Attacking                                 High

High                                         Positional                                         High

High                                        Aggressive                                        High

Low                                             Solid                                     Moderate

High                                          Intuitive                                  Moderate

Low                                         Calculating                               Moderate

Low                                          Emotional                                        Low

High                                             Calm                                            High


Individual Performance during November 15, 2015 on X_PLAYER_J_X

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1800-1900

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1800-2000

Over The Board Ranking Range: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: Ruy Lopez; King's Indian Attack

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: Sicilian Najdorf

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Gruenfeld

Individual Performance during November 15, 2015 on Fiveofswords

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1700-1800

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 2200-2300

Over The Board Ranking in Standard: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: Alapin;

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: Petrov Defense

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Slav Defense

Game 1:

Fiveofswords: still there?

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: thinking of how to attack lol

X_PLAYER_J_X: must of calcuated a dozen variations lol

Fiveofswords: i have more peices defending than you have attacking

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: but i couldn't help lol but to try lol

Fiveofswords: i didnt calculate anything other than rxg6

X_PLAYER_J_X: just doesn't seem working


X_PLAYER_J_X: didn't see that move


Fiveofswords: gg

X_PLAYER_J_X: i knew it looked to good to be true lol

Fiveofswords: well its difficult to attack after nb1 heh

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

Game 2:

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol i saw no defence

Fiveofswords: dont think there is one

Fiveofswords: i kept the pawn...ended up mattering...

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah i figured there was some compensation but didn't seem to find any lol

Fiveofswords: thats the sort of approach to the tarrasch french that thrillerfan proclaims to be equal

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah it doesn't feel equal lol

Fiveofswords: i think black can do it just isnt simple...he skips some rather important steps....such as the entire opening

Game 3:

X_PLAYER_J_X: o no

X_PLAYER_J_X: ahhahaha

X_PLAYER_J_X: i can't believe i just did that

Fiveofswords: you seem to really need to have an attack

X_PLAYER_J_X: well im just messing around i haven't played this line before

Game 4:

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah i have played this as black before

X_PLAYER_J_X: but i can't remember what i do against Qe2

Fiveofswords: lose a pawn apparently

X_PLAYER_J_X: its strange because i think im getting alot of play

Fiveofswords: looks very temporary to me and wont cone to anything tangible

Fiveofswords: and my threats to just force a queen on the queenside ultimately will be more important than anything you try to do

X_PLAYER_J_X: has to be something here

Fiveofswords: why

X_PLAYER_J_X: because it looks to dangerious

Fiveofswords: doesnt look dangerous to me

Fiveofswords: only question here is if white loses the win after qxq

Fiveofswords: maybe so

X_PLAYER_J_X: i think it seems so dangerious

Fiveofswords: only my pawns look dangerous

Fiveofswords: you will make me vastle of course

Fiveofswords: sacs on e3 make problem f7

Fiveofswords: queen has f7 h4 and even a2

Fiveofswords: black has nothing

Fiveofswords: i just push queenside

X_PLAYER_J_X: hmmmm

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah i am not sure

Fiveofswords: i dunno sometimes activity is real sometimes its a mirage

Fiveofswords: there isnt a simple explanation just needs experience

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

Fiveofswords: all i know is that i can have a hard time winning if people dont attack me

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol well its tough lol

X_PLAYER_J_X: because i see you waiting like 20 moves to castle lol

X_PLAYER_J_X: and its like has to be a way to punish it lol

X_PLAYER_J_X: so i start attacking and it fizzles out

Fiveofswords: well...i dont usualy wait that long heh

X_PLAYER_J_X: i'll try again lol

Game 5:

Fiveofswords: bxf7

Fiveofswords: attack me

Game 6:

X_PLAYER_J_X: ill try another line lol

Fiveofswords: theres that queenside again

Fiveofswords: pawns belong on c6

X_PLAYER_J_X: hmmmm

X_PLAYER_J_X: well i see interesting line

X_PLAYER_J_X: gg's man

X_PLAYER_J_X: it looks like i need to lol practice some more ha ha

Fiveofswords: i think our style clashes in my favor

X_PLAYER_J_X: well normally i am not aggressive but at the same time

X_PLAYER_J_X: when i feel like there is something i can be aggressive ha ha

Fiveofswords: i tend to make a lot of strong players feel aggresive

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

Fiveofswords: and if someone commits in a certain direction i generally can just keep a step ahead of them

X_PLAYER_J_X: like the plosition on the board here

X_PLAYER_J_X: i liked this position

Fiveofswords: its my pet line vs the caro

X_PLAYER_J_X: felt like the move h4 by you was a move you played because you didn't know what to do lol

X_PLAYER_J_X: was waiting move is what i thought

X_PLAYER_J_X: than i played Ne7 and forgot about a4

Fiveofswords: well h4 does lots of things

Fiveofswords: avoids back rank mates tries to weaken your king

X_PLAYER_J_X: i was trying to get e5 in

Fiveofswords: cant

Fiveofswords: i wont let e5 happen without winning material for it

X_PLAYER_J_X: well the knight on d7 is the problem piece

Fiveofswords: lots of problems imho

X_PLAYER_J_X: if e5 Nxd5

X_PLAYER_J_X: which is had no way to cover

X_PLAYER_J_X: but at the same time you was tied down as well

Fiveofswords: nah

Fiveofswords: i couldnt quite break thru on qside no problem ill make gesture on kside

X_PLAYER_J_X: i think i should of played Qe7 now

Fiveofswords: sortos classic center dominance play

X_PLAYER_J_X: instead of Ne7

Fiveofswords: i think things were already bad for you

X_PLAYER_J_X: well i thought i was doing great till i let that pawn break happen

Fiveofswords: your pieces have no access to center i have proected passed pawn

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah but its blockaded

Fiveofswords: matter of time for black position to collapse

Fiveofswords: i can just grind at it eventually you run out of moves

X_PLAYER_J_X: hmmmm

X_PLAYER_J_X: i wonder what you would of done about Qe7

Fiveofswords: you may be overlooking nxd5

X_PLAYER_J_X: ooo i see tactic

Fiveofswords: qe7 when?

X_PLAYER_J_X: well i was thinking of a plan of like

X_PLAYER_J_X: Qe7 to Qf8 to Qg7

X_PLAYER_J_X: but it does seem very slow

X_PLAYER_J_X: and maybe it will run into tactics like your saying

Fiveofswords: dude 17 qe7 18 nxd5

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: i see what you mean

Fiveofswords: and just loses

Fiveofswords: even without such a tactic if i dont want qf8 i just play bd6

Fiveofswords: black position is really in total bind

X_PLAYER_J_X: hmmmm yeah i will have to check it out for sure

Fiveofswords: i think you were more or less lost after 10...a6

X_PLAYER_J_X: i wonder if this whole idea was right or not

Fiveofswords: that early

Fiveofswords: after a6 it was simply a game of me finding useful moves that dont need to commit

X_PLAYER_J_X: well its good that i played you today lol because

X_PLAYER_J_X: i def need to look over these few lines again

Fiveofswords: well naturally you wont see them often

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: not many peeps play them

Fiveofswords: i do my own thing :p

X_PLAYER_J_X: i have seen this d4 c5 idea before in caro kann though

X_PLAYER_J_X: and i remember the move i had to try and force thru was e5

X_PLAYER_J_X: i just can't remember how it was done

Fiveofswords: usually ppl play c5 after bg5

X_PLAYER_J_X: because the position is similar to that of like a nimzo

Fiveofswords: i leave out bg5

X_PLAYER_J_X: instead of it being nimzo on white side its nimzo on black side

Fiveofswords: the way i play it you just cant get e5 in. theres no way

X_PLAYER_J_X: you know what now that i look at it

Fiveofswords: have to approach differently

X_PLAYER_J_X: i might be confusing the lines

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

Fiveofswords: nobody but me plays a3

X_PLAYER_J_X: the set up i am thinking of is with Bb5+ Nc6 Bxc6 bxc6

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

Fiveofswords: i trade a3 for moving lsb twice

X_PLAYER_J_X: well than if e5 is not the plan

X_PLAYER_J_X: than i been approaching it all wrong

X_PLAYER_J_X: maybe b6 is the idea here

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah b6 and a5

X_PLAYER_J_X: breaking the structure that way

X_PLAYER_J_X: because that only pawn break i have

Fiveofswords: i see this a lot it fails to break anything

X_PLAYER_J_X: besides e5 of course

Fiveofswords: na4 refutes everything

Fiveofswords: b6 b4 a5 na4

X_PLAYER_J_X: doesn't lose a pawn?

Fiveofswords: no

X_PLAYER_J_X: you mean at move 9 right?

X_PLAYER_J_X: 9...b6


Fiveofswords: so after u played nc6

Fiveofswords: b4 after b6 if a4 just b5

X_PLAYER_J_X: i see

Fiveofswords: and im getting passed pawn on 6th while your n is kicked away and forced passive

Fiveofswords: just crushing

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah its a very interesting line


Total Score: 0 Wins - 0 Draw - 6 Loss


Fiveofswords WINS