Contender Series 16

Contender Series 16

Apr 4, 2016, 2:29 PM |
4 Online

April 4, 2016

 Match-Up Analysis


  VS   ChessConure
X_PLAYER_J_X                                       ChessConure


Players Chess Knowledge

High                                         Opening                                         High

Moderate                              Middle Game                              Moderate

Low                                         End Game                                Moderate

Moderate                     Open Position Knowledge                   Moderate

High                            Closed Position Knowledge                Moderate

Players Chess Styles

Low                                          Attacking                                        High

High                                   Counter Attacking                                 High

High                                         Positional                                  Moderate

High                                        Aggressive                                        High

Low                                             Solid                                      Moderate

High                                          Intuitive                                    Moderate

Low                                         Calculating                                       High

Low                                          Emotional                                        Low

High                                             Calm                                            High


Individual Performance during April 4, 2016 on X_PLAYER_J_X

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1850-1900

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1850-2000

Over The Board Ranking Range: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: Ruy Lopez; Closed Sicilian

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: Sicilian Najdorf

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Gruenfeld

Individual Performance during April 4, 2016 on ChessConure

Online Ranking Range in Bullet: 900-1000

Online Ranking Range in Blitz: 1700-1800

Online Ranking Range in Standard: 1900-2000

Over The Board Ranking Range: Unrated

Two Favorite Openings as White: Alapin Sicilian; French Tarrasch

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.e4: Sicilian Sveshnikov

Favorite Opening as Black vs 1.d4: Gruenfeld


The first 2 games of the match had silly Mouse Slips.

We couldn't redo the move so we offered a draw instead.

Game 1:

ChessConure: Good luck and have fun

X_PLAYER_J_X: you 2

ChessConure: never played against the closed sicilian actually

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah its playable I play it from time to time

ChessConure: ah

ChessConure: it looks like a kings indian attack but with the knight on c3

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

ChessConure: oh whew

ChessConure: i didnt think d5 was sound

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah its a playable move actually

ChessConure: yeah that was more intuitive. Maybe i'm not an assassin? xD

ChessConure: hmm looks like a gambit to me. exd5 Nb4 ill look after the game :p

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah it can be tactically complicated lol

ChessConure: lol i like ta
ctical positions but at the same time I like them to be sound. I have a strong urge against playing gambits

ChessConure: uhh

X_PLAYER_J_X: was a mouse slip

ChessConure: ohh

ChessConure: xD umm, there's no way to take back a move?

X_PLAYER_J_X: nope

ChessConure: lol good match

X_PLAYER_J_X: man that sucks

X_PLAYER_J_X: i can't believe that

ChessConure: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: I was going to take the a6 pawn

ChessConure: oh

X_PLAYER_J_X: which seems greedy

ChessConure: Isnt re2 really dangerous

X_PLAYER_J_X: however Qa8 looks scary

ChessConure: for u

ChessConure: yeah true

X_PLAYER_J_X: i thought you was going to have to make a loft move first

ChessConure: lol the dreaded mouse slip

ChessConure: whats a loft move?

X_PLAYER_J_X: like air for the king so you don't get back rank mated

ChessConure: ohh a luft, :p

ChessConure: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

Game 2:


ChessConure: hmm

ChessConure: usually they play Qxd5

ChessConure: omg

ChessConure: mouse slip

X_PLAYER_J_X: o man

ChessConure: that wasnt even fake

ChessConure: that was a legit mouse slip

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah i can tell

ChessConure: :p

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol there is no way I would hang a queen and there is no way you would play Kf1

ChessConure: lol yeah

Game 3:


ChessConure: Do you know the sveshnikov sicilian at all?

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

ChessConure: oh cool

X_PLAYER_J_X: I have played against it before

ChessConure: ah

ChessConure: ive been deciding between kalashnikov and sveshnikov, and i chose sveshnikov for the time being because

ChessConure: the only reason to play kalashnikov is this Be7 sideline otherwise u transpose into sveshnikov pretty much

ChessConure: i dont like the Be7 sideline

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

ChessConure: because they go Be3 followed by Nc4-Nb6

X_PLAYER_J_X: this is getting tactical again lol oh my

ChessConure: xD that makes me happy because i dont like those positions where the opponent gets this ginormous kng side attack with the f pawn like in the grand prix attack and in the vienna game

ChessConure: i just want it simple where one can outplay the other with tactics and simple strategic play

X_PLAYER_J_X: im going to resign i think

ChessConure: Nd4

ChessConure: ?

ChessConure: Good match

ChessConure: Nd4 Qd5

Game 4:


ChessConure: ooh

ChessConure: missed that

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah tactical trick

X_PLAYER_J_X: it is a tactical slug feast

ChessConure: lol

ChessConure has left the chat.

ChessConure has disconnected. They have 3 minutes to reconnect...

ChessConure has reconnected.

ChessConure has joined the chat.

X_PLAYER_J_X: welcome back

ChessConure: sorry microwave lol

ChessConure: ty

ChessConure: against alapin you should play d5 or Nf6, i think its better than e6

ChessConure: i don't know e6 really well though

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

ChessConure: i think im gonna resign

ChessConure: wait maybe Kf1

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol almost got you

ChessConure: lol

ChessConure: i missed Nd4

ChessConure: that was really scary

ChessConure: im thinking of Nxb4

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol does that work

ChessConure: idk lol

ChessConure: oh man

ChessConure: this is scary

ChessConure: endgames are really mystical

ChessConure: they improve your middle game in terms of calculation and also knowing the value of the pieces

ChessConure: i think if u just do openings, tactics, and endgames, then you'll get really good, so that's what i'm trying to do

X_PLAYER_J_X: yeah

X_PLAYER_J_X: im not so great in endgames

ChessConure: im not so great in middle games, strategically

ChessConure: i dont know the truth of the position really well

ChessConure: Yeah you should do endgames lol, they will improve your middlegame, and also i think you should play main line openings

ruffian_boi: nice try


ChessConure: gg

Game 5:


X_PLAYER_J_X: i got to make my come back ha ha

ChessConure: yeah, lol

ChessConure: like closed sicilian uhh im liking playing against it xD

ChessConure: ooh

ChessConure: i used to play KIA btw, my temp-former FM coach taught and convinced me that its actually not good

ChessConure: and just too hard to play to take seriously

ChessConure: ur probably playing to my disadvantage, cuz you say that you're strong in closed positions, and i said i was basically average for my level


ChessConure: good match :p

X_PLAYER_J_X: ooo the come back

X_PLAYER_J_X: yes!

ChessConure: haha

Game 6:


ChessConure: ooh frenchy

ChessConure: rubinstein!?


X_PLAYER_J_X: Fort knox variation

ChessConure: oh yeah i saw that on chessnetwork's channel


X_PLAYER_J_X: going for the kill

ChessConure: yep!

ChessConure: wow

ChessConure: even material all of the sudden xD

X_PLAYER_J_X: wow this is getting crazy

ChessConure: yea

ChessConure: suddenly feels more settle :][

X_PLAYER_J_X: lol i don't kow if i am winning or losing

X_PLAYER_J_X: its getting good though

ChessConure: ^

ChessConure: lol this endgame again

X_PLAYER_J_X: ooo man this is tough

ChessConure: yeah

ChessConure: I think Na8 was forced

ChessConure: where did you even mess up? lol


ChessConure: good match

ChessConure: lol


We agreed to stop after this game.

Total Score: 1 Wins - 2 Draw - 3 Loss


ChessConure WINS