Frank Marshall the Legend

Frank Marshall the Legend

Mar 22, 2015, 9:48 AM |

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I have always been captivated by a man who changed the nature of chess. He never became a World Champion, yet his influence on chess has been felt through out history. The man I am talking about is the U.S. Chess Champion.

U.S. Chess Champion from 1909 to 1936

Frank James Marshall

 (August 10, 1877 - November 9, 1944)

His legacy in chess still lives on today. For he created some of the almost breathe taking games ever played. He also created lines that still strike terror and fear into Grand-Masters till this sparingly day. The lines have scared Grand-Masters deeply. In Fact, The fear the Grand-Masters have made them create other lines solely to prevent the lines Frank Marshall created.

Before I talk about some of the lines Frank Marshall Created.I be unease if I did not show you Frank Marshall's Immortal game ever played. It simply gives me chills looking at it. If you have never seen it you have been neglected all your life. However, you are in luck for I plan on showing you it. It really is a brilliant game. The game is famous it was given a name. The name of the game played is believed to be known as:


Brief Background History of the players and game:

The game took place in Breslau on July 20,1912

Breslau is now known as Wroclaw which is the 4th Largest City in Poland.

The players in the match where Stefen Levitsky and Frank Marshall. As you might have guessed Stefen Levitsky was the home crowd favorite.

Stefen Levitsky was a russian chess master and National Chess Champion. Frank Marshall a Foreigner facing Stefen Levitsky the Home Crowd Favorite.

It has been widely debated that during the game their was smack talk and bets made. An this is were it gets juicy. The crowd was filled with other Grand Masters as well as different spectators watching the game.

One of those Grand Masters was a man by the name of Jose Capablanca the World Chess Champion at the time. Now you might not believe this;however, Jose Capablanca and Frank Marshall is said to have been friends. Jose Capablanca is from Cuba and Frank Marshall is from USA so they are in the same region.

Well During the game Apparently some of the Home Crowd Grand Masters started talking smack LOL. Oh Yeah lady's and gentlemen words were exchanged. Apparently some of the home crowd didn't think the foreigner Frank Marshall the patzer was any good and was going to get blown off the board. Stefen Levitsky has home field advantage. Well Jose Capablanca came to the defense of Frank Marshall. An than it happen someone said "put your money were your mouth is and a bet happened.

So the Stage is set Lady's and Gentlemen:

The crowd's are rowdy disagreeing among themselves. Betting against each other. All of this is happening during the chess game. Frank Marshall and Stefen Levitsky are focused on the game totally unaware of what is going on. which is important to keep in your mind. The Two opponents are concentrating on the chess board.

Now lets look at the game.

Stefen Levitsky was playing with the white pieces

Frank Marshall was playing with the black pieces

Opening: French Defence ECO C10

Tournament: DSB Congress XVIII 1912

I will show the game from both sides:

Frank Marshall Point of View:

 Stefen Levitsky Point of View:

At move 23 White played Rc5 threatening the Black queen. Frank Marshall played a move. The move Frank Marshall played was so powerful it caused an uproar in the crowd's. They began throwing/showering the chess board with golden pieces. The move played has been nicknamed the Golden Shower Move. What was the move? Can you find the move Frank Marshall played?

*Hint it was a powerful Queen move*

Here is were the Plot thicken's. After the game and the Golden Shower. Frank Marshall returned to America were he told people his story LOL. Some people didn't believe him. What?? Getting showered by Gold? Have you been smoking something Mister Frank??

Frank Marshall was Quoted saying something along the lines of
"the spectators ... threw gold pieces on [his] board at the conclusion of [his] brilliant win over Levitsky"

Oh Yeah lady's and gentlemen and this is were the controversy of the story gets juicy full of gossip, gambling, and media hype.

People did investigations about these claims of the shower of gold game. Well with some investigation it was found that during 1912 in Breslau where this game was played. The currency at the time was coins. The coins were made of?? HA HA You guessed it Gold.

The reason this is important is some spectators including Frank Marshall believe the reason the public crowd were showering gold coins on the game was because of the brilliant last move played in the game.

Other spectators believe the reason the public crowd began throwing gold coins on the board was because everybody was paying off their "bets" against Frank Marshall.

No individual truly knows weather the spectators threw gold coins to pay off their bets or if the spectators threw gold coins to shower the brilliant move played by Frank Marshall.

I love to think it was a bit of both; however, 1 thing is certain. Frank James Marshall played a earth shattering game.