London System, Poisoned Pawn Variation

London System, Poisoned Pawn Variation


What is the London System, Poisoned Pawn Variation?

The Poisoned Pawn Variation is a line played as black which trys to exploit the undefended b2 pawn in the London System.

Take a journey with me into the Poisoned Pawn Variation.

The starting position of the Poisoned Pawn Variation begins at move 5 as black.

ECO code D02 London System, Poisoned Pawn Variation

The above set of moves is the starting position of the Poisoned Pawn Variation.

It is black to move! Now lets think about it!

What should we do?

HA HA  I know what your thinking!

Your thinking of taking that little b2 pawn arn't you!!!!

How poisonous is that little b2 pawn.

Its the poisoned pawn variation but white didn't even defend it for crying out loud!

They played 5.Nc3!

What if we want to be greedy and take that little b2 pawn.

Can we get away with it?

You know what we have been thinking about it.

Lets take the b2 pawn and see what happens.

Worse case scenerio will can say Ooppsss!

I mean if we lose our queen we are only down 9 or 8 points worth of material thats all.

Surely, We have compensation.

We feel aggressive that is the important thing!

I looked on a chess database to see what happens after we take the little b2 pawn.

Guess what it said you will not believe it!

It says whites best move is another knight move!


We are up a 1 pawn right now. The silly white players move a knight twice in the opening!

HA HA Do you see what they are trying to do with that Silly knight move!

They are trying to fork our king and rook by playing Nc7+.

They are such rookies going for cheap tricks.

We got this we can defend c7 easy man!

Check it out guys we got the move Na6!!

We are awesome!

Who's awesome?

We're awesome!

So after our amazing move chess databases say the best move for white is Rb1.

Oh man they have just dropped another pawn!


We are up 2 pawns now guys and gals.

We are the best!

Chess engines say the best move for white in this position is the move Ra1.



Oh man they are so desperate they are going for 3 fold repetition chasing our queen!


We are so Awesome.

They are down 2 pawns and are resorting to desperate measures.


At this point it seems as if we have gotten away with taking 2 pawns in the opening. HA HA

It looks as if white will have to do a repeat attack on the queen to defend his position doesn't it?

However, The shocking blow comes now!


Oh Nooooooo!

We are losing.


My gosh what has happened.

Where did that move come from.

They have taken our knight.


We are dead.

Why did we take the posioned pawn.

Nooooooooooo we was doing so good.

The moral of the story?

When white plays 5.Nc3 black should not play 5...Qxb2. HA HA

Instead of being greedy black should play the move 5...c4.

Later on in another article we  can take a look at some of lines which come after 5...c4.

Until than I hope this article was about to give you some nice information on how to avoid a sneaky trap in the London System, Poisoned Pawn Variation.


As always, Thank you very much for reading. Hope you enjoyed yourself.


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