Scotch Opening

Scotch Opening


What is the Scotch Opening?

The Scotch Opening is not taking a drink in the Opening! LOL

The Scotch Opening is a line played as white which comes from the 1.e4 (King Pawn Opening).

I plan on sharing with you a very brief introduction on the Scotch Opening.

My plan is to make a simple yet understandable article for beginners.

I do not want to overwhelm you with a boat load of theory lol.

Instead, I will give you a few book moves with some idea's and themes.

Take a journey with me into the Scotch.

Move 1.e4  - White enages in taking claim to the center immediately with a pawn. If black does nothing to address this center claim white will proceed with d4 to have 2 pawns in the center.

Move 1...e5 - Black places a pawn directly in the center halting whites attempt at putting 2 pawns in the center.

For if white plays d4 now black will take it with there e5 pawn.

This is Classical chess at its finest.

Move 2.Nf3 - White is upset with blacks 1...e5 move. In a way, Black has stopped white from having 2 pawns in the center.

White lashes out on black by developing there knight to f3 attacking the undefended e5 pawn.

White is threating to take the e5 pawn. If black does nothing to defend the e5 pawn.

White will take the e5 pawn and Laugh! MWWWAHAHAHAHA

Move 2...Nc6 - Black defends the e5 pawn.

In a way black is taunting white.

Black in a sense is telling white, he better be prepared to go to war.

At this moment white has come up with multiple lines.

  • The Ponziani Opening begins with 3.c3
  • The Ruy Lopez(Spanish Game) begins with 3.Bb5
  • The Italian Game begins with 3.Bc4

The line we are going to be talking about today is:

  • The Scotch Opening which begins with 3.d4

Move 3.d4 - This move directly hits the e5 pawn. If black does not respond white will simply take on e5 and be up 1 pawn.

Move 3...exd4 - Black takes the d4 pawn.

Move 4.Nxd4 - White retakes with the knight.

The knight than goes to a very centralizing square in the middle of the board.

At this point black has a few different responses.

Now I do not plan on going into each one of these lines. Since this is only a brief introduction.

My goal is to give you a brief observation of the Scotch Opening incase you feel like trying it out in your own games.

I am going to include the moves which are played at move 4 by black and give you the line names.

Hopefully this can help you in your own in depth analysis/research.  (at least you will have a reference of a line name to search with etc.)

Move 4...Bc5 - Classical Variation - This move threatens to win the white knight. Black is attacking the knight 2 times.

Move 4...Nf6 - Schmidt Variation - This move threatens the undefended e4 pawn.

Move 4...Bb4+ - Malaniuk Variation - This move does a very annoying check. Trying to disrupt some of the white pieces.


Move 4...Qh4 - Steinitz Variation - This move threatens the undefended e4 pawn.

Hopefully this brief tour into the Scotch Opening will give you a small glimpse of a line which is completely playable. It may even give you some idea's on whether or not you want to play it in your own games.

As always Thank you very much for reading. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Have a Happy Day