Sicilian Defence, GoDiva Variation

Sicilian Defence, GoDiva Variation


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What is the Go Diva Variation?

The Godiva Variation is a line played with the black pieces in the Sicilian Defence.

It is often played against 1.e4 (Kings Pawn Opening).

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ECO code B32  Sicilian Defense/Godiva Variation


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Lets talk about the GO DIVA VARIATION shall we?

Move 1.e4 -  White claims the center directly by occupying it with a pawn.

Move 1...c5The idea behind the move c5 is to take control of the d4 square with a flank pawn.


Move 2.Nf3 The idea behind Nf3 is to help develop a piece and support a d4 pawn push!


Move 2...Nc6The idea behind the move Nc6 is actually 2 fold.

The first thing the move Nc6 does is help develop a piece.

The second thing the move Nc6 does is help take control of the 2 key squares d4 and e5.

Black does not want white to play the pawn move e5.

If black played Nf6 instead white would be able to play the pawn move e5 with tempo on the knight on f6.

The move Nc6 helps prevent such a move.

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Move 3.d4 The idea behind the d4 pawn move is to allow white the chance to have open lines.

White's idea is to get rid of the D pawn in order to have nice scope with his bishops + have a Semi-Open D file for his rook.

As a bonus white does get a nice centralized piece for a short amount of time.


Move 3...cxd4Black plays the move cxd4 because they agrue they have things in there favor as well!

Black agrues the exchange of pawns gives black a Semi-Open C file for his rook.

As bonus Black retains his 2 center pawns!

This small detail is very important.

Move 4.Nxd4 Instead of being down 1 pawn.

White choices to regain his lost pawn by recapturing with his knight.

Very logical move by white.


Move 4...Qb6The move Qb6 is the signature move of the Go Diva Variation.

Now you might ask me what does the queen move do?

Well its pretty obvious what the queen move does!

It rules the runway!

What were you thinking?

What a stupid question to ask me!

Work it Honey!

You are the Master of the Stage!

This queen move is very serious!

White should be very careful.


Black has a double attack on the knight on d4 and the queen on b6 is hitting the b2 pawn as well!

If your opponent does not realize his knight on d4 is under attack and plays a stupid move.

Than you should talk smack.

For example:


In this example white played Nc3 and now his knight on d4 is dead.

As black take with the queen and offer a queen trade since you are completely winning.

It is good for you to trade down when you are winning keep that in mind.

If your opponent blunders into this than you should talk smack.

Yeah I would talk smack!

If you win tell them the below statement:

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I don't approve of talking smack to my opponents.

However, if they fall for that than yeah.

As always Thank you very much for reading. Hope you enjoyed yourself.


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