24 hours chess

24 hours chess

Oct 24, 2015, 7:35 PM |

Today I played in a chess tourney that lasted 24 hours. Time control 3 minutes per game. At the moment I went to sleep I was within the top 50, and after I woke up and continued with the tourney I had to be persistent in playing to go from place 86 to eventually place 45.

It was great fun, an exciting event. I will show a few games which were interesting.

I played a draw against a GM. I had the feeling that I had a won position, and he offered a draw a few times already, so when my time was running low I decided to go for a draw by repetiting moves because I didn't want to lose on time or time-trouble-blunder in my good position.

I won a miniature game against a 2300+ rated player, who seems to be FM.

Against some players I would lose all games, and against some others I would win most.

Here's a loss, where in the end "the light went out", and I also lost on time.

And a fun checkmate miniature game here :

And a happy loss. My opponent found an interesting combination to finish the game suddenly.

I played an exciting game against the well-known CM Kingcrusher, and I got a sharp and winning position, but eventually lost on time (I do not use premove, so that's the price I have to pay, hehe).

And I won with my new gambit line against a 2300+ player :

Since a few days I'm exploring the Bishop's Opening for white, including a quick Qd1-h5.

Here's one :

And a fun tactic :


Please note, for your understanding, that several players were playing for hours and hours, which did sometimes lead to blunders and mistakes in the chess games.

Also, I played more than 200 games in that event. Not even finished with analysing a few of those games Cool