45 45 (6) - The last one

45 45 (6) - The last one

May 17, 2015, 9:55 AM |

The last 45 45 team match game of this TL competition.

One day in advance I went through the games of my opponent and saw that he apparently likes trading queens, and then go on and on in equal looking endings.

Since I felt a bit tired, and I also wanted to do other non-chess things, I decided to go for razor sharp options.

I actually decided for gambit style play during the game (Fresh & impulsive can be good, not only in blitz) Smile

Game comments :

crazyblue(1996) vs. achja(2022) 0-1

Stockfish analysis after the game :


Standings for T59 :


Results so far :

Conclusion :

It was interesting to play in the 45 45 TL competition for the very first time.

I scored 5 out of 6 (-1 +5 =0).

Opening and opponent preparations went quite well.

I was however lucky in several games.

At least it was an interesting and good experience, and I've re-found  weaknesses in my play to work on, and met several other chess players during the competition, which was nice.

Cheers ! Smile