A Rook for a Kingdom !

Apr 22, 2016, 10:06 AM |

Rook endings occur very often. Therefore it is good to be working, and keep working, on your rook endings.

In my own games I very often see that my opponents don't have a good "feel" for rook endings. And that has saved me many many points!

Here's a few very quick hints to try to make rook endings easier for you to grasp.

  1. A rook is happy when it can be active.
  2. Create targets for the rooks. Weaken opponent pawns, and win the important pawns.
  3. Create passed pawns. More is better. Even better are connected passers.
  4. Make your king active, and use it as a strong piece

Let's look at some rook ending games.

Hope this helps you with your rook endings in your own chess games  ! Smile


Disclaimer :

I am pretty good at all kind of rook endings, but still quite bad at certain other rook endings.

Still working on my rook ending skills at an irregular base, it's an on going process.

Currently working in The survival guide to rook endings by GM Emms and 100 endgames you must know by GM de la Villa, as well as some online resources.

I'm thinking to buy Winning chess endings by GM Seirawan as well.