Bullet chess - 4 in a row

May 3, 2015, 3:24 PM |

I do hardly play any bullet chess, but this week I played a few bullet chess games.

I'm going to show a few and annotate them.

... Say What ?!?!?! Surprised

Yes Smile I will show some annotated bullet chess games.

Because bullet chess doesn't have to be "casino gambling chess", for those who have the newest computer mouse, have it oiled well, and ... premove a lot.

The very reason that I want to share some annotated bullet chess games with you, is to show you that one can play a few decent bullet chess games ... without using premove.

I have premove off since years, because I don't like it.

In otb chess there's no premove, and there's no takebacks, and playing without premove gives me more naturel chess games.

I started off in a 1 0 tourney. I was just home, very tired and the tourney was pretty bad for me, result wise : 1/2 out of 6 !

But some of the games were interesting.

After that, when I was feeling a bit better, I played some more bullet chess, for fun, and to kind of forget about that disasterous tourney.

Here's 4 bullet chess games I played in a row. By coincidence 2 times the same opponent, and 2 times the same opening again.

After this I'll show some of the mediocre tourney games I played as well :