Converting advantages : a pawn up

Dec 25, 2015, 5:07 AM |

Positions with a pawn up can be tricky. One can easily overextend by thinking one has a won position. But it all depends what is left on the chessboard.

Here's some rules of thumbs and hints I can think of right now :

  1. Trading pieces and pawns can help to convert the one pawn up advantage, but make sure you evaluate the position each time.
  2. Be careful with transposing into a pawn ending. Pawn endings can sometimes look very easy, but can be very tricky. A win can easily turn into a draw or a loss. Avoid going for a pawn ending unless you are really sure it is winning.
  3. Look for simplification tactics.

Here's an example of winning a pawn, and then use trading to convert into a won pawn ending :

Here's an example of going for a simplification tactics and a won pawn ending :