Converting advantages : The exchange up

Dec 1, 2015, 5:45 PM |

Several players ask the question "How to convert an advantage ?". How to win a game with technique after winning a few pawns or a knight or the exchange is something which can be tricky especially for the not so experienced chess players.

A danger what can occur is getting optimistic, and lose some concentration, starting to make mistakes, and eventually draw or even lose the game.

Let's have a look at an example with the exchange up.

Rules of thumb to remember in case of being the exchange up :

1. Rooks needs freedom to move.

Rooks can have problems in closed or semi closed positions, and sometimes even open positions.

It is important to evaluate each chance to open up more space for the freedom of movement of a rook.

Also, rooks are quite nice for attacking weak pawns and win them.

The more movement rooks have, the more easily rooks can attack and weaken or win pawns.

2. When being the exchange up, it is very often good to trade a pair of rooks.

The remaining rook will usually become stronger, and the party with the exchange down might have more difficulties defending weaknesses.

This is a rule of thumb though. One needs to evaluate the position probably before blindly applying this rule.


Here's an annotated example :