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Dream positions with white knights

Dream positions with white knights

Apr 3, 2016, 2:11 PM 1

Bishops are in general considered more useful than knights, especially by top GMs (Though for example GM Jobava seems to be a particular fan of horses if you look at his games).

However, years ago I looked at games from Smyslov, Fischer and others, and especially in the Sicilian defense games the white knight on d5 seemed to be winning a lot of games !

Let's have a look at that.

Here a game where Garry Kasparov sacrifices the exchange, seemingly out of the blue, just to keep the white knight on d5 alive, and continues to win the game !

There's however one "big" exception in the games I have come across. Here Bobby Fischer wins with black with the "bad" bishop versus the white knight in a Sicilian defense :

Here a fresh example from one of my own games where the strong knight on the light squares wins against the rather bad bishop.

Here another game, with again Bobby Fischer, where the white knight on d5 is "the king" of the board :

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