Gain at least 50 rating points with a simple method (for beginners)


A few years ago I had a chat with a chess trainer after some blitz games, and he told me a "golden rule" that I did apply to my own games.

"After each move of your opponent, careful look at her/his plans and try to grasp it, and play accordingly to that"

Most beginning chess players only look at their own options, often don't make a plan, make random attacking or defensive moves, and think "short term" without trying to carefully determine what the opponent is planning to do long term wise.

Try to apply this simple method, and see how it goes.

It has boost my chess games content, and results quite a lot. And it feels good as well Smile

Here's a little example from a game I just played :

Here's another example :

This game was very hectic and not very good, but with a pretty end, and I'll add some thoughts to it, to use as an example.

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