Gothenburg - when everything comes together

Gothenburg - when everything comes together

Apr 13, 2016, 8:23 PM |

Earlier this week I came across a web article in dutch, about the amazing thing that happened in Gothenburg in 1955.

According to the article, in Keres-Panno, the poisoned b2 pawn line was played for the very first time, in the western world!

People were all amazed. White sacrificed a pawn on b2, and won rather quickly !!

The Argentinian chess team was in a shock. That Najdorf Sicilian line had become unplayable suddenly, because the Argentinian team (with Miguel Najdorf himself!) had build their current opening repertoire on that very line.

On their day off in the tourney, the Argentinian team worked for 24 hours, and came up with a new idea, and after some discussion they decided to play this novelty.

The argentinian chess players entered the tourney hall with smiles, and the games started. Then a drama occured. On three (!) boards the prepared opening line of the Sicilian Najdorf, with the Argentinian novelty appeared :

Geller-Panno, Keres-Najdorf, Spassky-Pilnik.

Geller was the first of the Russian team, who started ... to sacrifice on e6, after thinking for half an hour.


Later on Keres and Spassky also sacrificed on e6, and the three Argentinians lost their games with that opening line. An incredible story !!!

Now, what was not very well known regarding the Gothenburg story, (I heard from a chess friend later this week) is that in the same tourney one of the other members of the Russian team played a crazy wild and astonishing game, against an Argentinian chess player, a game which did not get that much attention : Petrosian-Guimard

It should be noted that the game was most probably adjourned at one point, and the chess players had been analysing all possible options for sure.

Check the game below, and be amazed !

The Petrosian-Guimard game source :

Nice article with photos about Petrosian :

The mentioned Keres-Panno game :

Geller-Panno, with the piece sacrifice on e6 :,_Najdorf_Variation#Main_line:_6.Bg5

Overview of the tourney, with games :

Article about the Sicilian Najdorf, Gothenburg line :