Grinding ... towards tactics

May 1, 2015, 6:30 PM |

Against this opponent I played several "online chess" games in the past. So far the score was : +22 -1 =3

In the games that I won he often would, overall, play fairly good, but blunder at some point.

Now in this game I was a bit surprised. I got no advantage and there was no blundering, even after quite some moves.

Was my opponent getting stronger, or concentrating better, or taking more time for thinking about moves in "critical" positions ?

But then suddenly there was "the smell" of tactical fireworks.

Still ... I had the feeling that it was not correct. I calculated everything, and I was happy about the tactics.

After the game I consulted Stockfish, and to my surprise the tactics were not correct, but ... not so easy to find the refutation.

Stockfish analysis :