Hilversum Open Tourney 2016

Hilversum Open Tourney 2016

Jun 19, 2016, 2:16 PM |

This weekend (17th-19th June) featured the 11th Hilversum Open. The top group had several GMs, and IMs and FMs, as well as non titled players playing.

The tourney had a nice formula. Apart from the Open, playing 6 rounds, there was also the "vierkampen", a few groups of 4 players, playing 3 rounds in the same weekend, and there was a so-called Kroeg tourney (bar/pub tourney).

In Holland there's a tradition of Kroeglopers tourneys. Every year there's a few of them in different cities in Holland. Teams of two will play in another pub against another team each time. The Hilversum one was in just on bar, and won by FM Bart Karstens.

The A group had quite some women playing, including three ladies from the "chess queens" (dutch website) : WGM Anne Haast, GM Zhaoqin Peng, IM Tea Lanchava.

The live coverage of the tourney had been prepared with a broad audience in mind. Not only the top 12 boards of the A group, but also the top 2 boards of the B and C group were broadcasted. A delightful and refreshing idea. Wonderful !

The somewhat surprising winner in group A was IM Jan Willem van der Griendt, scoring 5/6, sharing 1st place with three other players.

GM Roeland Pruijsers had been leading the pack with 4/4 but lost two games in a row.

Let's have a look at some of the games in the A group :


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