Improving or just reading chess articles

Jul 29, 2015, 10:46 AM |

I can imagine that some chess players on do not know yet how to "track" the postings of other chess players.

This can be interesting to read more chess news every week, or to improve your own chess skills by learning from the posted chess articles.

Here's a quick howto.

1) Go here, to the chess blogs :

2) Choose an article that you like, for example :

3) Click on the handle name of the author of the article

4) Look at the top left of the profile page of that player, for example :

5) Click on the "Track" option

6) From now on, after logging in to you will see the tracked activity of those authors you are tracking. For example :

Enjoy ! Smile


Disclaimer :

The screenshot of the profile here is just an example.

I do not know this person. If you know a better way of showing an example, let me know by PM. Cheers.