More fruit harvesting after doing tactic puzzles

Sep 20, 2015, 9:08 PM |

Suddenly I found a tactical idea which was like new and refreshing.

I found it in a promising position which felt like that the tactical thunderstorm was about to begin.

It was a strange combination of the common rook sac for checkmate on h2, but in this game it was all about square g2 instead.

I am not sure if the tactic was 100% correct but I want to share this with you for the tactical idea, and because it gave me great joy after a day of have lots of mediocre chess games and losses by me.

Here's also the comments by Stockfish chess engine.

It shows that the tempting f4f3 was a blunder, and also shows that white did not handle the g4 part very well.

My rook + knight sac tactical idea in the end was sound according to SF.