Not good, not bad :)

Apr 24, 2016, 5:08 PM |

He who has a slight disadvantage plays more attentively, inventively and more boldly than his antagonist who either takes it easy or aspires after too much. Thus a slight disadvantage is very frequently seen to convert into a good, solid advantage.
Emanuel Lasker

*** Today started as a grey and cold day, and my head felt like a blurry snowball, producing various blunders in chess games, and losing. Some of my opponents seemed to have the same problem, also blundering badly. I felt bad about all that blundering.

Later on there was sunshine outside, and I felt also better, producing less losses and for the first time I drew against a 2500+ player (!!!). Yihoo ! Smile

Here's the draw against 2500+ to start with :

And here a game with lots of mistakes, but very entertaining !

A queen sac and a few pawn promotions. I'll give it without comments, because it has an embarrassing amount of mistakes from both players :)

This one was quite nice I thought. Dominating a knight (not on the rim) with two bishops :

A queenless Scandinavian defense, where white was too optimistic :

A smooth short win as black in an English opening :

An instructive loss, with the blurry headspace in action :

And here a thematic checkmate sequence, after I had again used lots of time to find the winning moves.

A simplification tactic to end with :