Opening preparation - doing homework

Oct 7, 2015, 3:55 PM |

When playing lots of blitz chess it happens that one comes across offbeat opening lines, which can be cool, challenging, interesting and ... sometimes tiring :)

A few times already opponents played b2b3 in the Scandinavian defense with white.

I decided to have a closer look at it, assuming that it was just an offbeat line. However, Stockfish analysis showed that it is simply an unsound line.

Here's the first game against one player last week :

I seem to remember that I looked at 3...Qe5+ very briefly and thinking something like : "Aha, white wants to trap the black queen. This is a home preparation line, and white wants black to grab that rook on a1".

However, today I played against the same opponent, and ... this time I was a bit more confident grabbing the "free" rook.

I just looked at it with a few online databases. shows the lines, but no games to view, and very little game data. does not mention it. does not mention it. Has it, with 4 games.

Do you know more online chess opening databases ?

What do you think about how black should play in the line after Qxa1 and Nc3 ?