Petrosian style ... fireworks

Feb 25, 2016, 8:02 PM |

Long maneuvering, to finally get from a slight advantage to a bigger advantage is not something I intend to do in most of my games. But maybe it is important to be able to play positional games, instead of going for tactics very often, in order to make progress in chess.

I liked the fact that I tried an unusual opening setup, which I believe I saw some months ago in the chess news from a game from GM Andreikin against white's 1.b3.

After the long maneuvring there was finally the moment to go for a winning advantage, which won material. My opponent kept playing and in slight time trouble I was happy to find a neat positional plan to win even more material.

My opponent kept playing, and even though I do not use premove, in the end it was my opponent who lost on position and on time !

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