Playing bad in a few games, but tactics save the day each time - puzzles

Nov 30, 2015, 3:22 PM |

Sleepy or tired, distracted, pondering, err, blunder, but tactics is the cure, the remedy once again.

Here's the more puzzles from my recent games.


The first one is a surprise win.

Here I blundered my queen in a distraction "shopping list" moment :
An easy one :
How can white continue in style, and go for checkmate ?
An easy one, where black could have defended a bit better to postpone a rather quick checkmate.
A bad game by me. White wins with flashy tactics. Checkmate in 7 :
Find the one good move here :
White begins and wins :

For fun I started to check the time to create and edit this blog posting.
Apart from the preparation time to choose the game snippets, I used 37 minutes to create and edit and post this posting.