"Find the one thing you have been missing !"

Apr 2, 2016, 9:52 PM |

For the beginner chess player there's lots of things to learn. Checkmate with a queen versus long king, opening ideas, middlegame tactics, endgame tricks, but when a chess player improves there is one virtue which will be important more and more, and that is :




If you don't know what I am talking about, then check the longer games of GM Magnus Carlsen, and see how he tries to squeeze something out of nothing in long endgames!

Becoming more patient as a chess player is good for your chess improvement, because at one point you will definitely find out that not all chess players fall for the "cheap tricks" that you have been preparing, and been using for chess players from "your own level".

One of the great masters in history, who for sure had patience and stamina was the former world champion Lasker.

Let's look at one of his games, where he has a worse position, but manages with careful maneuvring to improve his position, and then even win !

I had to think about patience when I played this game today :

And this one from yesterday :

So, next time you play chess, especially against higher rated players, try the more-patient method, instead of routine style applying the tricks that you always try against equal rated players.
You might obtain more patience, and at the same time learn a thing or 2 ! Laughing

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Blog title based on a quote from a Kung Fu Panda video, where Oogway talks to Monkey :

Oogway : Find the one thing you've been missing !

Monkey : uhmmm ... My pants ?

Oogway : Compassion !