Tactics falling from the trees - improve your chess skills

Tactics falling from the trees - improve your chess skills

Mar 26, 2016, 8:13 AM |

Several chess students mention that solving tactics puzzles is easy because you know that there has to be a tactical win, while in your own chess games it is much harder to find those tactics.

Of course this is true to some extend, but to push your chess level higher and get those tactics in your games I would recommend to ... play more positional chess !

Yes, you read that right : Play more positional chess.

Beginner chess players attack and defend, and play for obvious tricks, sometimes at the expense of their own position. The better your chess gets, the more you will see that those obvious tricks won't work.

By improving your positional chess, you will not only become a more all-round chess player, but your rating and results might make a giant jump forward, and you will see that tactics will simply fall from the trees once you apply healthy positional chess "rules".

Playing for weak and strong squares, making healthy moves, making sure you are aware about "lose" hanging pieces from yourself and your opponent, can bring you to a new level of chess skills.

For that you must, in my opinion, study annotated chess games from good players who were good at positional chess, like Petrosian, Karpov, Smyslov, but also Bobby Fischer, who had a crystal clear positional style.

Here are two fresh examples where I simply played positional chess, and where the tactics just fell down like candy Laughing

Now, go do your home work on positional chess Smile

For example : Read and study "My 60 memorable games" by Bobby Fischer, and read and study "My system" by Aaron Nimzovich.

Here's some quick start weblinks for you :

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Please note that studying, learning, understanding, and applying it in your own chess games is not a matter of training a few days long.

It needs more time.

Try to be patient in your training, as well as in your chess games.

Analyse your own games. Join a local chess club, start a chess blog, be expressive about your chess games, and most of all :

* * * Enjoy your chess games !