Tal inspired

Tal inspired

Jun 13, 2016, 6:39 AM |

Earlier today I read an anecdote from Mikhail Tal, and I felt inspired to play a few tactical games.

And it happened, I played about 10 tactical games in a row, some almost flawless, and others very unsound, but it felt great and was entertaining. Here's a few of those games :


The most spectacular one :

A bishop sac to utilize some weak squares :

A petite combinaison :

Unsound chaos with several mistakes - 1 :

Unsound chaos with several mistakes - 2 :


The anecdote from Mikhail Tal :

Tal: I will never forget my game with GM Vasiukov on a USSR Championship. We reached a very complicated position where I was intending to sacrifice a knight. The sacrifice was not obvious; there was a large number of possible variations; but when I began to study hard and work through them, I found to my horror that nothing would come of it. Ideas piled up one after another. I would transport a subtle reply by my opponent, which worked in one case, to another situation where it would naturally prove to be quite useless. As a result my head became filled with a completely chaotic pile of all sorts of moves, and the infamous "tree of variations", from which the chess trainers recommend that you cut off the small branches, in this case spread with unbelievable rapidity. And then suddenly, for some reason, I remembered the classic couplet by Korney Ivanovic Chukovsky:

"Oh, what a difficult job it was. To drag out of the marsh the hippopotamus".

I don't know from what associations the hippopotamus got into the chess board, but although the spectators were convinced that I was continuing to study the position, I, despite my humanitarian education, was trying at this time to work out: just how WOULD you drag a hippopotamus out of the marsh ? I remember how jacks figured in my thoughts, as well as levers, helicopters, and even a rope ladder. After a lengthy consideration I admitted defeat as an engineer, and thought spitefully to myself: "Well, just let it drown!"

And suddenly the hippopotamus disappeared. Went right off the chessboard just as he had come on ... of his own accord! And straightaway the position did not appear to be so complicated.

The chessgames of Mikhail Tal :